Modest Needs of a Yogi

In traditional Asian cultures, there is a long history of support for yogis, who are considered to practice for the benefit of all sentient beings. It is our goal to establish such a culture of support in the modern world. Our yogis need very modest financial support, primarily to ease the distractions that are historically identified as obstacles to meditative practice. Traditionally, a conducive environment provides safety, sustenance, shelter, solitude, and a suitable teacher. They now have a teacher: asking for no compensation, B. Alan Wallace has offered to guide these yogis through regular contact by phone, email, and video conferencing, which he has found to be adequate for this purpose. Your financial donations will help provide the other essential elements of a conducive environment for the achievement of shamatha and beyond. While the Santa Barbara Institute for Consciousness Studies has offered modest financial support to those unable to cover their own expenses, the financial resources of the Santa Barbara Institute are limited.

The yogis live on just $15 per day, which covers food, supplies, and shelter. That’s a little more than $5,000 per year.

Please consider assisting these yogis in the pursuit of this worthy goal, for the benefit of all sentient beings.